Cuttings: New Plants From Old

New plants from old, save money by taking cuttings. There are many ways to produce new plants without sowing seeds. Seeds don’t always grow up to resemble their parents, but cuttings are their perfect clones. Severing plant parts and inserting them into soil is a strange way of making new plants, but oddly enough it works. 

Tools For The Urban Gardener

In these modern gardening times there is quite literally a device for every gardening function imaginable. With such a range available, it’s no wonder collecting gardening tools can border on addiction. The same could be said for the indoor garden, the only difference is you won't need to install a tool shed to house all those addictive tools, a small basket should do the job.

Starting a Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens have been around for centuries all though the designs were not as we know them today. Grape vines and fruit trees adorned the walls of ancient Egyptian Palaces, so living walls are certainly achievable in even the harshest of climates and quite capable of bringing our modern day residential and balcony walls to life.

Fertile Soil: Lets Make Compost

So, we’ve all herd of composting, but I'm sure that the average urban family has dismissed the idea as something that seems out of step with the busyness of modern family life and should just be left as an activity for the avid gardener.

In fact the basic principle of composting is not to different to placing your house hold waste into a bin, the only difference is there are a few more simple steps to the process to get your organic waste looking and smelling like a rain forest floor.

Composting is nature's process of recycling, turning decomposed food scraps (anything that was once living) into rich soil known as compost. By composting you’re not just returning nutrients back into the soil, you’re producing your own highly nutrient rich soil free of charge, something I’m sure will help the often stretch family purse strings.

Harvest Your Own Rose Tea

There is something beautiful about tea, the scent, the dried herbs and flowers, and of course the taste. But have you ever attempted to make your own blend

Seasonal wreath’s with Succulents

A great DIY succulent wreath that will stay alive long past the holidays. Makes a great centerpiece during the holidays while the roots are growing in and getting settled, and after 6-8 weeks it’ll be sturdy and ready to go up on your front door, just in time to be dressed up with easter eggs and pastel ribbons in time for the next holiday season in April.